Sunday, March 27, 2016


Days with family really suck away my ability to write about anything substantial. There are a number of people in my holiday-sharing family that are socially impaired in some way or another, but not in ways that we can really tactfully acknowledge, so smiling and nodding and a well placed "Oh" is generally in order. There are frequent cringe-worthy moments and generally just a lot of awkwardness. Throw some ill mannered large dogs into the picture and we have a nice summary of the general experience. I will say that as far as families go, everyone is well meaning. There is no element of backhanded niceness, no criticism, no cantankerousness or malice. They're nice people. 

So.. at the end of it all, I am usually mentally exhausted from all the smiling, nodding, cringing, and repeated yelling at dogs. Sometimes it means I stop on the way home for a cocktail and for a conversations with a hopefully not socially inept stranger. Today it meant I lit a pretty smelling candle and folded laundry. 

Aaaand that's all I can muster. 

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