Sunday, March 13, 2016


So, today was Daylight Savings time. We sprang forward and lost an hour. I'll go ahead and use that as my excuse for not getting out of bed until just after noon. I lay there, groggy and bleary eyed, enjoying my utter lack of obligations and listening to the rain until I heard the neighborhood church bells ring twelve times just as my cat Molly rejoined me in bed, purring and nuzzling. 

I'd been laying there awake for a good 45 minutes, remembering the bizarre elements of my dreams, checking my daily sale newsletter emails from World Market, Wayfair, Overstock and all the rest. Glorious silence. Nobody snoring, no reruns played for the umpteenth time to interrupt my slow, quiet, lazy rainy morning bliss. I took care of all the little tasks around the house and had a long overdue laundry day. I dont just mean clothes for the week. I mean clothes, towels, sheets, blankets and all the sweaters that have to be set out to dry. The last load is in the dryer right now. 

I had a day to myself, alone, just enjoying my own company. I got through it without pangs of sadness or anxiety. I listened to the music I wanted to, changed it when I wanted to, and generally just appreciated the ability to do that. My lilies are slowly opening and once in a while I get a whiff of their sweet, heady fragrance. I do wish I'd had the opportunity to plant some things in the garden, but I am pretty sure it didn't stop raining once today. The cats were restless because of the rain and insisted on some playtime, 

I think I'm going to adjust rather easily to living alone. I can see the allure of cat doting spinsterhood. 

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