Sunday, March 20, 2016


I go a little crazy when I'm single. That is to say, I am not used to not having a live-in companion and therefore am not really accustomed to only having my own company every day between the time I get home until the time I get to work the next day. I like alone time, but generally I like it on my terms. So instead of just sitting with it and getting used to it, I fill every waking moment with social activities. That's what I did last week, and boy, did it catch up with me. 

Every day last week had something going on. Coincidentally, some friends were visiting from out of town, which was a welcome way to occupy my time but was really the icing on the cake as far as getting me to the point of utter exhaustion. I dozed off in the car in between locations at a bachelorette party I'd planned for a friend. Seemed like it made for some easy laughs but I really should have been on my game a little more. For heavens sake I planned the damn thing. After it was all said and done I took a 2.5 hour nap. I very rarely take naps, but this one was necessary.

It's time to chill out on that a little. I've done that enough times to know what happens if I keep that kind of thing up. My work performance starts to suffer because I don't get enough sleep, and my immune system takes a hit and usually get sick. No thanks to all that. Today I got my garden started, and did some meal planning for myself for the week. Typically that's something I get into more when I am coupled because single me is usually so preoccupied with finding ways to entertain myself that I don't think ahead or feel much like cooking. But, knowing that I won't have to buy lunch for the next several days since it'd already prepared is a nice step back into the land of sanity and normalcy. 

It is my intent to get comfortable with being alone and to enjoy some quiet evenings at home, sipping tea or wine and reading my magazines, or watching a girlie movie. I need to break in my new slippers.

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