Wednesday, March 9, 2016

20/100 an open letter to Rob Trainer of Oak Park, Sacramento

You slimy insidious piece of shit. I never liked you. I knew you were trash immediately and I always resisted your presence in his life. I should have put my foot down and insisted on cutting you out when I learned of how you preyed on his greif before I ever knew him. I was naive.

You are a ruiner of lives. The world would be brighter without you in it. I'd tell you to go to hell but you're well on your way and you seem to relish in dragging good people along with you. How many lives have you ruined? How many families have you torn apart and souls have you destroyed?

I wish you all the pain and heartbreak you've brought to not only the souls you've collected, but to each of their lovers, mothers, friends and siblings. You are vile to a degree that I could not have imagined. Go rot in your filth.

A peripheral casualty of your boundless evil

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