Saturday, March 12, 2016


Today was a good day. I'm establishing my new normal, my new routines, ways of existing in my home since I have it all to myself. Making little adjustments here and there to have things the way just I like them, sleeping in the middle of the bed and keeping things just as tidy as I prefer.

I hosted a handmade goods swap today for a fun group of folks. In preparation, I made homemade marshmallows. It was the first time I'd made anything besides adding milk to cereal in about a week. I love cooking and am actually rather good at it, but I have no motivation to cook when I'm not happy with life. It was nice to have an incentive to get in the kitchen and make something delicious. There's a certain delighted satisfaction to having something turn out perfectly.

Also, the drizzly morning light was perfect for a few photos of the marshmallow cutting process. I'm no photo editor and these dont reeeeaaally do it justice but it'll have to do.

And because I made marshmallows, it only made sense that we'd have s'mores with which to test them out. Popping them under the broiler for a few minutes did the trick. I watched them like a hawk though, don't stick them in there and then walk away and make a phone call.

I know I'm doing well because I'm getting tired of talking about what happened. I'd rather talk about making marshmallows, or what I might do with my spare room, or when I'm going to get the garden beds planted (soon, I hope! Maybe some tomorrow if it's not raining all day.) Onward and Upward.

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  1. I know what you mean about getting tired of telling the story. I felt like that after my divorce. Onward and upward, and before we know it, more happy days like today! Glad I got to spend time with you today. Thanks for the marshmallows! XO