Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Stuff

I like being on top of life-stuff. I don't pay bills late, I pay my car registration ahead of time, I get my taxes done as soon as I have all the paperwork. I don't always keep my kitchen sink empty but I'm never completely comfortable with it. 

Sundays, in my ideal world, are for tidying up before the work-week craziness. Dishes and clothes washed and put away, outfits picked out, lunches made.. you get the picture. This doesn't always happen, of course. Sometimes I'm too beat from all the stuff I tried to cram into Saturday, or that same stuff spilled over into Sunday. But I try, because each day is so much easier to get through if all those little decisions and tasks are taken care of ahead of time. 

Today I spent the better part of the day enjoying the sunshine on a long walk with good friends. It reminded me that tidying up mentally and emotionally is just as important as handling the practical matters. I still tidied up at home because laundry today or naked tomorrow, but it was a beautiful day well spent. 


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